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What's new in Drafts 4?



  • rjp

    Sync of Drafts (and actions and keyboard extensions) is now handled using iCloud's CloudKit service. Using iCloud removes the need to an additional sync account

    Whilst I appreciate the simplification this gives both the coder and the casual user, if there's no Dropbox sync, Drafts 4 will be useless to me since my text is kept in Dropbox for reasons of cross-platform accessibility (which iCloud is obviously never going to support.)

    (I suspect more than a few "power users" will have similar issues re iCloud's lack of external access.)

  • Greg Pierce

    Drafts may not be a fit for your workflow. Drafts cannot sync in the way you describe, because it does not think in files and folders. One of it's key appeals is that it frees you from many of the restrictions that coming with naming and organizing files.

    That said, Drafts works with Dropbox in powerful and flexible ways. It can import and export from Dropbox, and create/append and prepend text to files in Dropbox. It's just a different way of working.


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