Migrating from Drafts 3 to newer versions of Drafts




  • Dttocs

    If you don't have any email accounts configured then the export via "open in" will fail with an "email not configured" error even though "open in" his selected.

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  • Mojo

    I ran into the same problem... Since the comments are located at the bottom of this webpage I suspect that many people do not see Dttocs comment unless they happen to scroll to the bottom of the page like I did.

    You not only need at least one configured email account on the iOS device, it must also be "active" when you attempt an export...

    I think that you should make a note of this apparent bug and the workaround in the instructions so others will not miss it.

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  • Annika Backstrom

    I have Drafts 3.6.3 installed. I just purchased Drafts 4, but I am unable to update to Drafts 3.6.8 to take advantage of the export feature, presumably because that app has been removed from the App Store. Am I stuck?

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