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Using Dictation



  • @M_i_c_h_a_e_l

    Unbelievably useful app! I particularly like the 'launch from 3D touch' and the pause feature. 

    I havent even see the interface, so these suggestions may not apply, but please consider for future updates:

    - instead of (or along with) the pause button, trigger pause/resume by touching anywhere on the screen while in dictation mode. 

    - trigger 'create/insert' by swiping the screen while in dictation mode. 

    - I understand that iOS 10 will allow Siri to integrate more deeply with apps. It would be amazing if I could launch Drafts in dictation mode via Siri. "Hey Siri, launch Drafts dictate" for example. 

  • steve van

    Is there a way to get siri, using hey siri - to start a dictation session in your program drafts, without having to use my finger to start the session?  I am a cyclist and want to do this without taking my hands off the bike. (I have checked far and wide this morning for this feature, and it just isn't available).  Even when I use the included voice recorder, saying hey siri record my voice, the voice memo app opens but it won't start recording until I push the red record button.


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