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Action Step: Google Drive



  • Amy Tabor

    Hi, this looks really useful, but I am having problems getting it to work. When I try to specify a Parent folder, I get an error, and the script creates a new text file in the root level with the Parent folder name as the file title. I would like to be able to specify the folder to save files into. Support for the Doc format would also be fantastic.

  • Greg Pierce

    Support for the doc format may come – though likely only for creation, not append/prepend operations.

    There is a parent specification issue in the 4.0.1 release. It will be fixed in 4.0.3 or greater.

  • Stephen Emhof

    When I try to add Google Drive to Drafts, it looks like it wants me to create a Google+ profile, which I do not wish to do. Is creating a Google+ profile required to integrate Drafts with Google Drive?


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