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  • Peter Watters

    Hi Greg,

    I've just installed the 'Events in Fantastical-Quick' on my iPhone 6. It works fine (i.e. all events are created in Fantastical) but it always finishes off with the following error:
    "Empty draft not allowed".

    My draft had 3 lines, one event on each, and the first time I tried it, I inserted a return after the last line. The second time I tried it, I removed the return but it still threw the error.

    Is there something else I need to do?


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    I've found that Fantastical doesn't seem to handle different time zones when creating an event with Drafts. Entering something like 0700 BST works fine in the Fantastical native parser but when you try passing the same info via Drafts it gives me nonsensical results.

    Interested to know if anyone else has found a way to make this work.


  • Davide Metrangolo

    Hi, the action seems to be unable to parse further than first line of the list. I tried with different settings but nothing seems to work.

    I use Drafts and Fatastical, both updated to latest versions, and an iPad Air.


  • Peter Watters

    @Davide - there is one thing you need to be careful of with this action.

    The URL code performs a callback after each line of text is imported into Fantastical so that the action can import the next line of text.

    The name of the action is embedded in the URL code for this callback, so if you have changed the name of the action in Drafts, the code in the action won't work after the first line is imported.

    If you have changed the name of the task, then edit the URL code in the action so that it is identical to the name you've chosen.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • Davide Metrangolo


    Hi, and thanks for the quick reply.

    No changes were made to the name of the action, nor to any other part of it; anyway, the action still works only with the first line.
    I really would live to find the way to make it work, since i need vero often to insert several different events in Fantastical...

    I'll check again, tryin' to figure it out.

    Any further suggestion will be very appreciated.


  • Peter Watters

    Sorry @Davide, that's all I can think of. I edited the action name after first installing this action and it stopped working. That's how I found that the action name was important. I am not sure of other reasons why it would not work.

    I just tested mine and it worked fine with multiple actions. The only problem I have is that after the last line of text is imported, I get an error message "Empty draft not allowed" which I posted about a year ago (see above) and don't have a solution for, but it's not a big problem - it's just not an elegant completion to the action.

    Hope you can find a solution.

  • Davide Metrangolo

    Thanks Peter for your help and kindness. An even stranger thing is happening: the action is't properly working on the iPad, but it's flawless (except for the message that you get at the end of the action) on the iPhone. I'm tempted by a hard reset (tabula rasa style) of the Pad... I'll let you know here.... 😉

  • Peter Watters

    Hi Davide. I haven't tried using this action on the iPad before now, only on the iPhone. So I just tried it on my Air2 and found that it doesn't progress after the first line. Fantastical doesn't return control to Drafts. I think Greg would have to look into this as it may be a bug.

  • Helen Neilson

    Hi, I'm actually trying to do the opposite. I'd like to select several drafts and put them into the notes of one calendar event. Is this possible?



  • Peter Watters

    You can select two or more drafts and then tap 'Operations - Run action'. However the standard Fantastical actions aren't available as they take you out of Drafts. However you could select me operation to merge the drafts first the. Run your action.

  • Peter Watters

    Sorry, that should have said 'select the operation to merge drafts'.

  • Helen Neilson

    Hi, thanks for the reply! I was hoping to avoid merging but I'll have a rethink. The only function I could see that would let me keep them unmerged  but grouped was iCloud journal but I can't find a way to pick them up again using IFTTT or Workflowy.

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